The Journey of Khadim

COVID-19 shook the world from its feet. The entire world came to an abrupt halt. Regular health visits became rare, and grocery runs became impossible. It was a world that we didn’t know about yet. When the borders closed and the world went into multiple lockdowns, no one suffered more than those separated from their loved ones - especially those vulnerable people with their families across the globe.

Mohafiz – as a life support service, experienced and witnessed their struggles and loneliness up close. We saw their helplessness as they lost their independence and the quiet anguish as they put on a brave mask for their family living away because they knew they were just as powerless as them. With their pain in mind, Mohafiz launched Khadim.

Khadim by Mohafiz aims to make life easier for your parents and families in Pakistan. From life-threatening emergencies to the most mundane of household chores, errands, and maintenance, Khadim is there to do everything. We look after your parents and loved ones like surrogates by offering a single-point solution for all the care and assistance that your loved ones may need 24/7/365 so that all you have to worry about is the good times. Khadim goes the extra mile to give you the satisfaction and assurance that things will always get done and get done well. With our dedicated team of professionals by your side, you will consistently get the premium quality of service that you expect from us.

Why Mohafiz

Operational   24/7/365
Experienced  Experienced
100% Response  100%
Response Rate
Resolution  End to End
Operational Across Pakistan  Operational
across Pakistan
Vacinated  Our Team is
100% Vaccinated

Mohafiz is the infrastructure behind the parent company Humanetek Pvt Ltd. It is the heart and soul behind all endeavors launched in the last seven years with the single aim - to create a safer today and tomorrow.
With Mohafiz, we have saved over 10,000 lives. We have catered to numerous emergencies by providing ambulances, on-call doctors, physiotherapists, nursing support, medical attendants and have helped over 15,000 people in critical situations.

Our Endeavours

Humanetek Pvt. Ltd. came to life after the horrific APS attack and has ever since been working towards creating a safer today and tomorrow. In doing so, Humanetek created Mohafiz - a friend in need.
Mohafiz brings several endeavors to the table.
Merey Mohafiz - facilitating safety and security to everyone in Pakistan. Mohafiz Secure is an entity solely working towards bringing safety and security to businesses and their employees. Khadim by Mohafiz, bringing safety and comfort to the elderly of our nation and making it easy for ex-pats to manage their homes from abroad.

Our Achievements

lives saved   10,000+
lives saved
women saved  4,552
women saved
organic downloads  90,000+
organic downloads
database  Country’s largest database of blood donors
volunteers  151,000+

Our Team

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Admiral M A Khan


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Fahd Khan


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Usman Qazi

Chief of Staff

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Sobia Nadir

Head of Growth Hacking

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Nadia Khurram

Head of HR

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Craig Anthony

Director Global Ops

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Syeda Pakeezah

Head of Digitization

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Elahha Mashrequi

Head of Customer Experience

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M. Ahmed Aslam

General Council

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Usman Ali


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Captain Waleed Tahir

Manager Central Ops, Pakistan

Our Ambassadors


Taimoor Abbas


Suraiya Kasim


Shamim Raj

Social Worker
Humanetek Mohafiz

Apka Khadim, Apka Mohafiz

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