life of regret

A picture of resilience, a voice of reason, and a warm hug at the end of a long day.

My dada.

You inspired me to be more than just ordinary and to never settle for less. When you sat me down and narrated your tales of success and the feats of those born to lesser circumstances, you ingrained within me the fighting spirit to always rise above whatever circumstances I face and to always extend generosity wherever it is needed. You lived a life worth telling and it pains me to think you are no more.

Looking back at that the day when it all happened, it breaks my heart to think of all the pain you may have gone through. You didn’t feel well early in the morning, but you didn’t want to bother my father in his sleep to take you to the hospital. Your condition kept worsening yet you never wanted to bother any of us with the creeping dread of the inevitable. I still remember your gasping breaths as my sisters and I held your sweat drenched body to try and comfort you, thinking you would feel better. My aunt holding your hand reciting the Quran in an attempt to plead to God for you to feel better. My mother on the call with the ambulance for the past 40 minutes frantically guiding them to our house in between tears desperate to get you to where you could feel better. None of us realised that it was your heart that gave in. None of us realised that your organs were shutting down.


It has been five years since you have left us. My father still visits you daily, drowning in regret for not having you saved in time. My sisters and I look at your prayer spot, wishing we had spent another hour with you. My mother purchased every first aid and monitoring device for my nanni and daddi, regretting that she didn’t see the signs sooner.

Since you’ve been gone, we live in a world drowned by what-ifs. What if my father took you to the hospital earlier? What if my mother recognized you were having a stroke? What if the ambulance reached us on time? Anything and everything to think of that could have avoided your last moments being in a ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Perhaps we only know a world of what-ifs and regrets now.

wishing and prayer

Reaching out and getting timely help can save the lives of our loved ones, but the question is, who should you reach out to.

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