Whenever you need anything, give us a call at +92 333 1900 109 and we’ll take care of all your needs.

Call us in case of any emergency. We will dispatch the nearest ambulance service provider to your location and make sure to attach our Mohafiz Field support to handle all the paperwork.

Khadim can provide you with anything and everything related to medical emergencies for example ambulances, on-call doctors, hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, etc.

No, you don’t. You can pay in whichever currency you prefer, whether PKR, USD, or the currency of your country of residence. Please note: the day the invoice is generated, we will use that day’s currency conversion.

You can make payments via bank transfer.

Once the assessment & payment is done, services commence within 3 days. In case of an urgent/emergency requirement, the service will initiate as soon as the customer agrees to the terms.

Yes, you can!
Regardless of where you live, if the beneficiary lives in Pakistan, we can help you take care of them.

No, you don’t. With one subscription plan, we can cater to both of your parents with whatever they need.

Not at all. As soon as you make an account with us, you get access to your dashboard that gives you all the information - the services used, the remaining balance, the transaction costs, etc. So you know exactly where your money is going and the availed services.

You absolutely can.
If you choose to cancel the subscription, your wallets balance will be returned to you within seven working days. However, the retainer and the registration fee is non-refundable.

No. The retainer must be paid at the start of the month and in one go.

Discounts are available when a user subscribes to multiple packages.

Yes, you can. This service acts as an extra layer of protection for your family in Pakistan. It is designed to ease your worry and help those back home with everyday mundane tasks - whether they are your parents or your wife and children.

The 5 types of services are Health services, Home management services, emergency services, Premium services and one off-services.

Our team can provide physical support and medical facilitation to provide health stability and mental wellbeing to your parents.

Our health services include everything regarding your parents’ health and wellbeing. This includes doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, medical attendants, nutritionists, dieticians, gym/yoga instructors, etc.

Depending on the severity of your situation, Khadim can get a medical specialist to check you and whatever decision is made, we will facilitate in taking you wherever necessary.

The top two benefits of acquiring health services with us are health maintenance and early detection of health issues.

Anything and everything that aids you in the smooth running of your home life - be it having the fused lights fixed around the house, or having your groceries delivered to your home. This package also includes getting the right help for your home such as maids, cooks, gardeners, etc., or having the house furnished, whitewashed, or decked out for the season.

Home management is meant to attend to the needs of the house. Home management can include e.g., providing meals, cleaning the house, and making sure that the bills are paid.

Home entertainment includes music classes, painting lessons, pottery lessons, knitting groups, gardening, arts & crafts, or any hobby your parents might want to explore.

One-off services include funeral services, travel arrangements, real estate work, etc. What we do is help you through the entire process and make sure it comes to closure.

One-time package involves a relatively lengthy process. That means it could take months for the process to achieve closure. For example, Funeral services, Travel arrangements, and any sort of legal work. The emergency package is for urgent care, and it is deployed only till the emergency exists. For example, there is no need for an ambulance anymore, or the patient is discharged.

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